Aluminum Race Pedals Installation Instructions


Warning: Make sure you wear safety glasses during this installation.

  Approximate installation time: 30 minutes or less depending on application.


Required Tools


1. Center Punch*

2. Drill Bits (3/16",1/8")

3. Allen Wrench (Included)

4. Block of Wood*

5. Hammer*

6. Philips Screw Driver

7. Pencil

8. Wrench 

9. Instructions

10. Additional Drill Bits*

11. Thread Locker

12. Drill


* Denotes Optional Tools


Prep work -  Remove factory rubber covers from the brake and clutch pedal when and if applicable.

Verify installation kit and clean the pedals with mild soap and water before installing covers.  You may wish to paint them black for show quality finish.

Clean pedals


Step 1  Position aluminum pedal covers over the factory pedals and mark where the mounting holes need to be drilled using a pencil, marker or scribe.



Step 2  Punch Holes (optional) - Use center punch before drilling to help prevent the bit from skating.  Use block of wood behind pedals for leverage.


Step 3  Install Gas & Footrest

  It is possible to install the screws into plastic pedals without drilling pilot holes. Carefully install the self-tapping screws into the factory pedals to tap the holes. Remove the screws and position the pedal covers onto the factory pedals and re-install the screw back in to attach the aluminum pedals. Do not over tighten. 

Note: a. Some gas pedals may have a hard, thin plastic cover over a steel pedal.  If this plastic cover can be removed, do so and install the AutoVation gas pedal on top of the metal pedal. If not, install the AutoVation gas pedal through the plastic and into the metal pedal. 

Note that the gas pedal cover is engineered smooth so that your shoe can slide over its surface.


Note: When attaching all screws / bolts / nuts / etc., we recommend using a medium or high strength thread locker (blue or red loctite); loctite not included.

Step 4  Brake & Clutch: Observe if existing holes are drilled into factory pedals. If so, these factory holes are normally used for mounting our aluminum pedals and do not require additional drilling.

If no holes are present, they will have to be drilled. Before drilling make sure the pedals are aligned. Make sure the nuts will clear of any obstructions (such as the connecting arms).  Start by center punching and drilling 1/8" holes in the marked hole locations. Then continue to drill the holes using a 3/16” (.187”) drill bit.

Pre-Drill the holes using a 1/8” or smaller drill bit.


...complete drilling larger 3/16" Holes 

Drilling Tips / Suggestions

  ·    Use new Cobalt drill bits.

  ·    Use a cutting fluid (lubricant) on your drill bit.

  ·    Use a corded drill or fully charged higher voltage cordless.

  ·    Use crazy glue to adhere the covers to pedals. Once glue dries, use the pedal screw holes as guides to prevent skating.  Always be sure to use all the bolts provided in the kit. 



Mount the aluminum pedals using the countersunk machine screws and nylon-insert locknuts provided (washers may be provided for some sets). The mounting hardware shall be tightened using a 3/32” Allen wrench and an 11/32” wrench or socket/ratchet.





·     Check that all pedals are securely attached using all mounting locations.

·      Make sure all pedals have adequate clearance between adjacent pedals and floor covering.

·      Re-check all pedals after driving. 










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